FAQ zum ProstSchG

  1. General information about the Protection of Prostitutes Act (ProstSchG)

    1. I’ve heard that there will be big changes in the law from 1 July 2017. Is that true?

    1. Does the ProstSchG apply everywhere in Germany?

    1. To whom does the law apply?

    1. What does the ProstSchG mean for me as a prostitute?

    1. What does the registration and health counselling cost?

    1. What happens if I do not register?

    1. Can I be refused registration?

    1. What is the procedure for registration and health counselling? What can I ask?

  1. Compulsory registration for prostitutes according to ProstSchG

    1. What does compulsory registration by 1/7/2017 mean for me?

    1. What do I need to take with me to register?

    1. What do we talk about in the information and counselling meeting?

    1. What information is included in my registration certificate?

    1. What does ‘alias’ mean?

    1. For how long will my registration be valid?

    1. Am I required to carry my registration certificate?

    1. Who is entitled to check my registration certificate?

    1. Can I bring someone along to help me with the registration?

    1. By when must I have registered as a prostitute?

    1. Who will find out about my registration, and what happens with my data?

    1. I no longer want to work as a prostitute. When will my data be deleted?

  1. Health counselling for prostitutes according to the ProstSchG

    1. What does the compulsory health counselling introduced on 1/7/2017 mean for me?

    1. What information is contained in the health counselling certificate?

    1. Do I need to carry my certificate of health counselling?

    1. Who is entitled to check my health counselling certificate?

    1. How often am I required to repeat health counselling?

    1. Does the health counselling also include a medical check-up?

  1. Condom requirement and advertising ban

    1. What does the new compulsory use of condoms mean?

    1. What does the advertising ban mean?

  1. Compulsory permits for prostitution businesses

    1. What is a prostitution business?

    1. What does the compulsory permit mean?

    1. Does this compulsory permit for a prostitution business also apply to me as a prostitute?

    1. By when must an application for a permit to operate a prostitution business have been placed?

  1. Important information for you as a prostitute in Germany

    1. How is prostitution defined in Germany?

    1. I frequently see the term “sex work”. Is this the same thing as prostitution?

    1. I recently arrived in Germany. Is prostitution legal here?

    1. Prostitution is legal in Germany. Does that mean I can work where I like?

    1. What must I consider as a self-employed person working as a prostitute in Germany?

    1. What is the difference between a counselling centre and an authority?